It’s hard to put our finger on it, but there’s just something wonderful and exciting about being a part of something new. Whether that’s running an inaugural race or taking a brand new class, we think that becoming a tenant at our brand new luxury apartment complex in Westlake is an exciting opportunity! From unused appliances to perfectly-cut granite countertops and uninterrupted views of the iconic Los Angeles skyline, think of moving into a brand new unit at 422SOUTHLAKE as something like unwrapping a present.

Be a Part of Something New at Our Luxury Apartment Complex in Westlake!

Are you familiar with that freshly constructed, brand new building smell that accompanies moving into a new home? That’s exactly what you can enjoy here at 422SOUTHLAKE. It’s essentially a widely-regarded fact that brand new things and smells are…well, just nice.

It’s also a fact that you simply won’t get that pleasant background smell by moving into a worn-down, dingy apartment in another area of Los Angeles. Sure, you might save some money here and there on living costs, but don’t you want to actually enjoy your living situation? Of course you do! You pay for what you get, and we believe that our apartments for rent in Los Angeles are truly well-valued.

The Best Time To Move To Los Angeles Is Now!

Known for its vast, widespread expansion, it’s always a great time to join the growth here in Southern California. Los Angeles is ripe with plentiful job opportunities in many different industries, unparalleled art and culture districts, world-class music acts, and authentic cuisine from around the world. Whether the wonders of the city of angels is brand new to you or you’re a seasoned local who’s just looking to move to a different neighborhood (and a more upscale apartment!), our building located at 422 South Lake Street is perfect for anyone looking to get the best living experience in Los Angeles.

Plenty to Do and See Right Outside Your New Home

This isn’t the suburbs. Ditch the car and beat the notorious traffic by walking the city or riding your bike, exploring the bounty of culturally rich local businesses, eateries, and shops. We like to think of our new apartments for rent in Los Angeles as the best of both worlds: Comfortable, safe and luxurious living on the inside with the excitement and adventure of the city right at your disposal. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Roommates Or No Roommates, Enjoy Your Brand New Downtown LA Apartment Today!

With affordability and value in mind, 422SOUTHLAKE offers one, two and three bedroom floor plans to better accommodate our valued residents. If you want to split a space with friends, go for it! You have the control when it comes to your living situation.

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The opportunity of a lifetime to live in L.A.’s best-valued new luxury apartment complex is waiting for you. Are you ready? Make a move — literally — and get started by getting in touch with 422SOUTHLAKE today!

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